GRIPflow Stampings

In January 2005 Dubuque Stamping acquired the GRIPflow® stamping process license through the Ebway Corporation.

We have a 400 Ton Press with a 0.500″ Thick Material Coil Line and a 150 Ton Press for smaller size parts. The Gripflow Stamping Process is a great compliment to our other in-house capabilities such as Conventional Stamping, Double-Disc Grinding, CNC Machining and Heat-Treating.

GRIPflow is a patented metal-stamping process that produces highly accurate parts with smooth, square edges. Advantages of the GRIPflow process over conventional stampings include:

GRIPflow Stampings

  • Elimination of secondary machine operations.
  • Piercing of holes smaller in diameter than stock thickness.
  • Holes closer to the part edge than stock thickness.
  • Production of gear teeth and various other configurations.
  • Close tolerance on holes and part contours.
  • Smooth part edges.
  • Better flatness than conventional stampings.
  • Minimal amount of part die roll.

The GRIPflow stamping process is a low-cost alternative
to fine blanking.

Additional information on the Gripflow stamping process is available through the following links: